FarmGain gives you a precise and clear
overview of all production data

We create an overview of your production data

At FarmGain we make intelligent and total solutions for the world’s leading producers and breeders of mink and swine. We provide solutions that make your work routines easier and optimize your production without compromising quality. With us, you get an accurate and manageable overview of all your production data, which ultimately will improve your earnings.

Feed scale

Get an overview of your pigs’ growth as well as feed and water intake with the FarmGain feed scale, and see the results on your earnings.

Wireless technology

Our solutions require no cables, but are wireless with a range of up to 2,5 km. This makes it easy to get the solution up and running without costing a fortune.

Mink scale

The mink scale makes automatic and regular weighings of your mink 100-150 times per day, which can be compared to other factors such as gender, type, climate, types of feed and so on.

Semiautomatic weighing

With the semiautomatic scale by FarmGain, you only need to capture the mink in the tube and attach it to the scale hook. The data will then be send automatically to the FarmGain management system.

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